Episode 25: Zaxxon / Space Raid

In this episode, we review two games; Coleco Zaxxon and ColectorVision Space Raid. We hear a bit about what went into Space Raid from the designer / programmer, Oscar “Nanochess” GutiĆ©rrez. We also have an interview with the creator and one of the hosts of 80 of the 80s Podcast … Continue reading

Episode 24: Twice The Bits of Atari!

In this episode, we don’t do our traditional ‘Deep Dive’ game review, but Rick does a Homebrew Highlight review of Piggy Bank. We have an interview with Jeremy Jarnigan (aka Indieseoul), the creator of Stalking The Retro, The Greatest American Hero Podcast (with Rick), and now Vectrex Radio (with William … Continue reading

Episode 23: Truckin’ / Christmas

In this episode, we review the Imagic game Truckin’. We have two interviews with programmer/designer Rick Levine. Paul covers the recent Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival, while Gary Magnan tells us all about The Portland Retro Gaming Expo (and LTO Flash updates). And there’s Feedback, Mentions, News and George, with a … Continue reading

Episode 22: Of Robots & Garbage

In this episode, another non-game review… well, not exactly. Rick covers IntelligentVision’s Ms. Pac-Man in a Homebrew Highlight segment. We interview listener/homebrew programmer Gary Magnan (aka ‘FreeWheel’). Will talks about The Retro World Expo, and Rick discusses his plans for the Extra Life charity event. And there’s Feedback, News and … Continue reading

Episode 20: Boulder Dash

In this episode, we review the Elektronite / First Star Software game Boulder Dash. We interview the programmer Scott Nudds, as well as the president of First Star Software, Richard Spitalny. There’s also Feedback, News, Mentions and George – and we discuss some format changes for the show. Download .mp3 … Continue reading

Episode 19: Tron Maze-A-Tron

In this episode, we review the Mattel Electronics game TRON MAZE-A-TRON. We interview the programmer Russ Haft. We have a listener interview with Shawn Franklin (and his son Alexander contributes his thoughts on Intellivision). Questions For Keith is back, and there’s a listener audio contribution from Will Hutton. There’s also … Continue reading

Episode 18: Basketball(s)

In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. basketball games NBA Basketball and Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball respectively. We interview designers / programmers Steve Ettinger, Dave Warhol, and Ken Smith. We also have listener audio contributions from Robert ‘Intellivision Dude’ Worden and Official Show Sports Correspondent Greg … Continue reading

Episode 17: Math, Word, and Learning Fun

In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. ‘educational’ games Math Fun, Word Fun, Learning Fun I and Learning Fun II. We interview designers / programmers Kimo Yap and Dave Warhol about the games. We also have a listener interview with Intellivision enthusiast Karen Overstreet. The Intelli-Virgins are … Continue reading