Episode 36: Shark! Shark!

In this episode we FINALLY review the Mattel Electronics game Shark! Shark! Paul interviews the game’s designer & programmer Ji Wen Tsao. Rick has a new Hobby Projects / Homebrew Highlight segment on the FW Diagnostic Cartridge and an Intellivision console repair. We also finally have the results of the … Continue reading

Special Edition 9 – PRGE 2018 Wrapup

In this special episode, Rick, Cmart and Paul talk about their adventures at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018. It’s chock-full of exciting Intellivision content, both old and new! The Blue Sky Rangers panel (Intellivision – A Legacy of Firsts!), which was moderated by Paul is also included. And there … Continue reading

Special Edition 8 – PRGE 2018

In this special episode, we discuss the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018.  We talk about all the amazing Intellivision related things that will be there, including the new Intellivision Entertainment console reveal, and all the various Intellivision vendors, game releases and fans of the console who will be there.  Intellivision … Continue reading

Episode 35: Space Patrol

In this episode we review the Left Turn Only game Space Patrol. Rick also interviews the game programmer Joe Zbiciak, and has a new Hobby Projects segment on repairing and modding a Commodore 1902A monitor. Paul interviews Atari Age user and Intellivision enthusiast extraordinaire “Decle” (aka Ian). And we have … Continue reading

Special Edition 7 – A New Intellivision Console!

In this special episode, we talk about the new Intellivision console being created by Intellivision Entertainment!  We discuss the people involved; including Tommy Tallarico, Emily Rosenthal, Bill Fisher, Stephen Roney, and me.. Paul Nurminen. Download .mp3 of this episode Links mentioned in the show: https://www.intellivisionentertainment.com/ https://facebook.com/IntellivisionEntertainment/ https://twitter.com/IntellivisionEn https://www.instagram.com/intellivisionentertainment/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/105264576066262876785

Episode 34: Easter Eggs, Anyone?

In this episode we don’t review a game, but Rick has a new Hobby Projects segment, we have a Super Pro TutorVision-focused listener interview with Chris Dreher. And of course we have Feedback, News and more on that Easter Egg contest. Enjoy! Download .mp3 of this episode 0:00:00 – Turn … Continue reading

Episode 33: TRON Solar Sailer

In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics Intellivoice game TRON Solar Sailer by the late Keith Robinson. We interview former Blue Sky Ranger Mark Urbaniec about his involvement with the game, and his memories of working with Keith. There’s a listener interview with Steve Craft and his brother Jay. … Continue reading

Episode 32: Portland or Bus?

In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to, and what we’re planning. Rick has a Homebrew Highlight segment on the upcoming Jr. Pac-Man release from Intellivision Revolution. Rick also introduces a new segment called “Rick’s Hobby Projects”, this time discussing the Raspiboy. Cmart does a rundown / … Continue reading

Special Edition 6 – Where Have They Been?

In this ‘not-so-special’ (and quite short!) special episode, we discuss what’s been happening, why there haven’t been any new episodes for a while, and what the plan is for the podcast going forward. George has a few things to say too… Download .mp3 of this episode