Special Edition 5 – In Memoriam: Keith Robinson

Running Man Remembers

In this special episode, we reminisce about Intellivision legend Keith Robinson (Keith died on June 14th, 2017). Rick, Paul and Cmart are joined by Scott Schreiber of the Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast, and Chris Bidwell of Now You’re Playing With Podcast. Tommy Tallarico talks to Paul about his Keith recollections, and Emily Reichbach Rosenthal (VP of Intellivision Productions) also shares her thoughts on him. And listener Chris Dreher contributes a fun story about Mr. Robinson. The Intellivision community has lost one of its greatest assets with Keith’s passing, but join us as we celebrate what Keith has done for the Intellivision community.

Additional music used in this episode (used with permission):

“TRON 1.1” (music performed by Tom Kahelin) from the music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi. Based on the original music from the Disney motion picture TRON (by Wendy Carlos / Wonderland Music BMI).

“My Intellivision (1982 Mix)” (Music & Lyrics by Tom Kahelin, vocals by Michael Schwartz) from the music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi.

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