Episode 15: Donkey Kong + DK/D2K Arcade

We review Coleco Donkey Kong plus DK Arcade and D2K Arcade. We interview the head of Elektronite / Classic Game Publishers William Moeller. And we interview Carl Mueller Jr. – programmer of the DK/D2K Arcade games. We also have a listener interview with “Intelli-Virgin” Greg Polander, and get his thoughts … Continue reading

Episode 14: Dracula

Halloween tricks and treats abound in this spin-chilling episode. Imagic’s Dracula gets a deep dive review. Listener interview with Jeff Long. Homebrew Highlight (Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril), Intelli-Virgins (BurgerTime). Feedback, News, Mentions Of Significance, George, chainsaws and more (wait… chainsaws?) Download .mp3 of this episode 0:00:00 – … Continue reading

Episode 13: Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack

Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack review. Interview with programmer/designer David Rolfe. Classic Gaming Expo 2014 coverage (“IQ” competition, listener ’roundtable’ discussions, and episode recording sessions – all done in Las Vegas). Plus Feedback, News, Mentions and more. Download .mp3 of this episode 0:00:00 – Turn on that tube TV to … Continue reading

Episode 12: Thin Ice

Thin Ice “deep dive” game review. Interview with Keith Robinson and Julie Hoshizaki (designers/programmers), as well as George ‘The Fat Man’ Sanger (composer). Listener interview with “Alex” from Brazil. MAME Cab segment with Rick. News, Feedback and fun. Now with 32% more “Will” than ever before!? Download .mp3 of this … Continue reading

Episode 11: Q*Bert

A “deep dive” game review of Q*Bert, the arcade conversion. We also have another “Questions For Keith” session, with Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, discussing the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console from AT Games. Rick interviews listener & game reveiwer ‘TrekMD’ from Retro Video Gamer (UK forums). And we have several … Continue reading

Special Edition 1

In this special edition of The Intellivisionaries Podcast, we interview the four guys behind “Project-L”. If you don’t know what Project-L is, download the podcast and find out – with guests William Moeller, Joe Zbiciak, Steve Orth, and ‘Voltron’. Download .mp3 of this episode

Episode 10: AD&D Treasure of Tarmin

Join us as we go “deep” into the dungeons of Treasure Of Tarmin / Minotaur. We interview designer / programmer Tom Loughry. We also interview Scott Nudds who is currently programming Boulder Dash for the Intellivision (coming soon from Elektronite / First Star Software), and William Moeller joins in for … Continue reading

Episode 9: Beauty and the Beast

Another “deep dive” game review, this time it’s Beauty & The Beast from Imagic. We also have an interview with the programmer / designer Wendell Brown. We chat with Scott Shreiber and Mike James from Retrogaming Roundup about Classic Gaming Expo 2014. And we introduce a new segment “Questions For … Continue reading

Episode 8: Sea Battle

We take a “deep dive” into Sea Battle, have an interview with Blue Sky Ranger Dave Akers about his past and current Intellivision games, and also interview Ken Smith, programmer of Sea Battle (and other early Intellivision games). Plus we have our usual news, listener feeback and mentions. Chris Bidwell … Continue reading

Episode 7: Baseball(s)

We review all three baseball games: Major League Baseball, World Championship Baseball, and World Series Major League Baseball. We also interview Intellivision baseball programmers David Rolfe and Eddie Dombrower, as well as listener Steve Herold. And we have our usual news, feedback, mentions and music. Download .mp3 of this episode … Continue reading