Episode 32: Portland or Bus?

In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to, and what we’re planning. Rick has a Homebrew Highlight segment on the upcoming Jr. Pac-Man release from Intellivision Revolution. Rick also introduces a new segment called “Rick’s Hobby Projects”, this time discussing the Raspiboy. Cmart does a rundown / … Continue reading

Special Edition 6 – Where Have They Been?

In this ‘not-so-special’ (and quite short!) special episode, we discuss what’s been happening, why there haven’t been any new episodes for a while, and what the plan is for the podcast going forward. George has a few things to say too… Download .mp3 of this episode

Special Edition 5 – In Memoriam: Keith Robinson

In this special episode, we reminisce about Intellivision legend Keith Robinson (Keith died on June 14th, 2017). Rick, Paul and Cmart are joined by Scott Schreiber of the Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast, and Chris Bidwell of Now You’re Playing With Podcast. Tommy Tallarico talks to Paul about his Keith recollections, … Continue reading

Episode 31: Vectron

In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Vectron. We interview the programmer / designer Mark Urbaniec. Keith Robinson joins in for part of the interview as well. Will and his wife Margo cover GoSub in a Homebrew Highlight segment. Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George … Continue reading

Special Edition 4

Rick discusses the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2016 with Cmart (Chris Martin), FreeWheel (Gary Magnan) and Tarzilla (Don Switzer). They go into the expo in general, the Intellivision homebrew games that were released and shown, and other side stories that may or may not involve dank restroom smells. Download .mp3 … Continue reading

Episode 30: Royal Dealer

In this episode we review the Mattel Electronics game Royal Dealer. Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George, spreading some holiday cheer in this December / Christmas / Holiday episode. We interview former Mattel Electronics ‘retail merchandiser’ Ken Stefancic, and have our usual helpings of Feedback and News. … Continue reading

Episode 29: Pacman / Ms. Pacman

In this episode we review the Atarisoft game Pac-Man, and the IntelligentVision game Ms. Pac-Man. We also interview both programmers; Mike Winans (Pac-Man) and Carl Mueller Jr. (Ms. Pac-Man). Cmart (Christian Martin) joins us again, as does George, and a surprise guest during News. We’re gearing up for the Portland … Continue reading

Episode 28: Space Spartans

In this episode we review the Mattel Intellivoice game Space Spartans. We interview the programmers Steve Roney and Bill Fisher. Rick reviews the Atari and Imagic box collection from Mark Oberhauser. Paul interviews Don Switzer and Gary Magnan about their upcoming Intellivision homebrew multi-game, which benefits Óscar ‘Nanochess’ Toledo (creator … Continue reading

Episode 27: Rick Rolled Retro

In this episode we have a special guest host – Cmart (Christian Martin)! We don’t do a game review, but we do review the latest edition of Todd Holcomb’s Ultimate Intellivision Flashback, as well as the Coleco reproduction box set by Marc Oberhäuser. We have our usual Feedback, News and … Continue reading