Episode 12: Thin Ice

Thin Ice “deep dive” game review. Interview with Keith Robinson and Julie Hoshizaki (designers/programmers), as well as George ‘The Fat Man’ Sanger (composer). Listener interview with “Alex” from Brazil. MAME Cab segment with Rick. News, Feedback and fun. Now with 32% more “Will” than ever before!?

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0:00:00 – Turn on tube TV to ch.3, insert Thin Ice, power, reset, hit the disc, go!
0:00:20 – The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
0:01:41 – Welcome and discussion
0:09:51 – Oh… Canada?
0:11:05 – “Dear Mr. Intellivision” (TV commercial)
0:11:36 – Feedback
0:30:13 – George (1)
0:30:35 – Feedback (continued)
0:39:00 – Astrosmash (band) – “Ssssnake Demo”
0:41:40 – Eddie Dombrower promo
0:41:52 – Rick talks MAME cab
0:51:50 – George (2) + “Leaving Taramis” by Jochen Hippel [Arnauld Chevallier]
0:53:29 – News (featuring Intellivision guitar music by Vague Reality)
1:12:53 – George (3)
1:13:14 – Listener Interview: “Alex” from Brazil (part 1)
1:43:22 – B-17 Bomber (TV commercial)
1:43:52 – The ‘F’ Files Podcast promo
1:44:22 – Listener Interview: “Alex” from Brazil (part 2)
2:17:14 – Thin Ice game review (part 1)
2:44:39 – Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 1)
3:00:29 – Inty chip tune break: “Maple Leaf Rag” [Dave Warhol]
3:01:46 – Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 2)
3:35:39 – George ‘The Fat Man’ Sanger – “Surfin’ On Thin Ice” (LIVE)
3:38:36 – Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 3)
4:26:04 – Julie Hoshizaki hates penguins?!
4:27:10 – Interview: Keith Robinson, Julie Hoshizaki, George Sanger (part 4)
4:34:20 – UK Mike (from Retro Gaming Roundup) promo
4:34:47 – Thin Ice game review (part 2)
4:54:46 – Intellivision! (Australian TV commercial)
4:55:43 – Antic promo (Brad Arnold)
4:55:56 – Wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)
5:01:46 – Outtakes (extended version) – What’s up with Will?!

* Outtakes music: “Sharpness Buzztone” by Jean Seb Gerard [Arnauld Chevallier]

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