Episode 11: Q*Bert

A “deep dive” game review of Q*Bert, the arcade conversion. We also have another “Questions For Keith” session, with Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, discussing the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console from AT Games. Rick interviews listener & game reveiwer ‘TrekMD’ from Retro Video Gamer (UK forums). And we have several guest podcasters offering their opinions of Q*Bert, including Chris Bidwell from Now You’re Playing With Podcast, Ferg from The Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast, William Culver from The ColecoVisions Podcast, and Dubstep Dad, Sweet and Aaron from Retro Obscura. We also reveal the winner of the “Mr_INTV” AtariAge Intellivision giveaway contest. And we introduce a new segment “Homebrew Highlight”, basically a mini-review of a modern day Intellivision game. Of course we have our usual news, listener feeback, mentions and strange drop-ins that Paul likes to do for some reason or another. Enjoy!

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0:00:00 – Turn on tube TV to ch. 3, insert Q*Bert, power, reset, hit the disc, go!
0:00:20 – The Intellivisionaries Theme (by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)
0:01:41 – Welcome
0:10:31 – George! (1)
0:10:40 – Welcome (continued)
0:12:28 – Q*Bert TV commercial (1)
0:12:57 – Welcome (continued even more)
0:16:07 – The Odyssey 2 speaks (1)
0:16:12 – Welcome (continued even more than previously mentioned)
0:21:17 – Feedback
0:37:33 – “Mr. Intellivision[aries]” commercial
0:38:21 – The Mr_INTV AtariAge Intellivision Giveaway Contest! (The winner is…)
0:42:06 – George! (2)
0:42:27 – The Intellivisionaries Promo
0:42:31 – News
0:51:27 – George! (3)
0:51:55 – News (continued)
0:52:58 – Intellivision / Keyboard Component TV commercial
0:53:58 – News (continued more)
1:04:20 – Q*Bert TV commercial (2)
1:04:50 – Homebrew Hightlight: Stonix
1:17:13 – The Odyssey 2 speaks (2)
1:17:29 – ‘Questions For Keith’ Robinson: Intellivision Flashback from AT Games (part 1)
1:31:47 – The Galaxian Song (instrumental version) by Aaron Hickman
1:33:37 – ‘Questions For Keith’ Robinson: Intellivision Flashback from AT Games (part 2)
1:59:50 – George! (4)
2:00:00 – ‘Questions For Keith’ Robinson: Intellivision Flashback from AT Games (part 3)
2:38:59 – Inty Chip Tune Break: “Match 5 Title Theme” (excerpts) by Dave Akers
2:39:16 – Listener Interview: “TrekMD” from RVG & AtariAge forums
3:36:42 – Tutankahm / Q*Bert TV commercial
3:37:11 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 1)
4:00:38 – Retro Obscura Podcast crew (Dubstep Dad, Sweet & Aaron) talk Q*Bert
4:15:17 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 2)
4:22:30 – Ferg (Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast) talks Q*Bert with Rick
4:44:51 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 3)
4:48:24 – William Culver (ColecoVisions Podcast / Arcade USA) talks Q*Bert with Will
4:59:30 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 4)
5:02:48 – Chris Bidwell (Now You’re Playing With Podcast) talks Q*Bert
5:07:47 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 5)
5:17:39 – The Odyssey 2 speaks (3)
5:17:46 – Q*Bert Game Review (part 6)
5:27:27 – Wrap-up and sign off (“Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen)
5:31:43 – Outtakes: Keith Robinson (Inty chip tune music by Carl Mueller Jr.)

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