Episode 46: Atlantis

In this episode we do a Deep Dive game review of Imagic’s Atlantis! There’s also an interview with programmer Patrick Ransil. In our new Author Interview (AI) segment, we interview Retro Gaming Round Up host and author “UK” Mike James about his book, Smoke & Mirrors. We also have a small tribute to James “Airshack” Shackel, who passed away earlier this year. And we have a cool listener audio submission from Kevin Braun. And there’s Feedback, as well as a new Retro Hobby Projects from Rick, this time about repairing a Sega Dreamcast. And, Paul announces that he’s stepping away from the show to pursue other interests, and Rick and Chris will continue on with a different format. Thanks for 10 years, folks!

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0:00:00 – Turn on the TV, fire up the Intellivision & Atlantis!
0:00:24 – “Intellivisionaries Theme” (Extended Version) by Nurmix
0:05:25 – Welcome
0:43:19 – RGR promo
0:43:36 – Russ Haft promo
0:43:46 – Imagic for Intellivision TV commercial
0:44:12 – Feedback
1:21:20 – Remembering James “Airshack” Shackel
1:27:28 – Wendell Brown promo
1:27:41 – Retro Hobby Projects: Sega Dreamcast repairs
1:45:44 – Luke’s Intellivisionaries promos (revisited)
1:46:32 – Author Interview: “UK” Mike James – Smoke & Mirrors
3:28:07 – Deep Dive Game Review: Atlantis (part 1)
4:43:23 – Deep Dive Game Review: Atlantis (part 2)
4:49:12 – Atari 2600 Atlantis TV commercial
4:49:41 – Deep Dive Game Review: Atlantis (part 2 continued)
5:06:09 – Gabriel Baum promo
5:06:24 – Yadranka’s Intellivisionaries promo collection
5:09:18 – Programmer Interview: Patrick Ransil
6:05:53 – ‘Close Encounters’ Intellivisionaries promo
6:06:32 – Listener Audio Submission: Kevin Braun (KayBee)
6:14:17 – Deep Dive Game Review: Atlantis (part 3)
6:50:32 – Wrap Up / Goodbye from Paul / “Treasured” by Nurmix
6:54:51 – Outtakes (extended)

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Article/interview with Pat Ransil (developer of the Intellivision version of Atlantis) in The Logical Gamer, October 1983 issue:

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James Shackel (AA user Airshack), friend of the show passed away in January. He was 58 years old. Obituary page:

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