Episode 44: A Tale Of Two Expos!

In this episode, we have two recaps from two gaming expos: CORGS (Columbus Ohio Retro Gaming Society) in May 2022, and PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo) in October 2022.  Paul and Rick attended CORGS, Chris and Rick attended PRGE.  Paul was supposed to go to PRGE, but his wife broke her arm and elbow, so plans had to be changed. You won’t find our usual show segments in this one, and still no game review for Atlantis (perhaps the game review is elusive as the fabled city?), but you will get lots of Intellivision game talk, including expo pickups and new homebrews. Even George returns, although not necessarily in any relevant way. Enjoy!

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0:00:00 – Turn on the TV and fire up the Intellivision!
0:00:05 – “Intellivisionaries Theme” by Nurmix
0:01:30 – Paul: Episode rundown
0:03:00 – “Back Again” by Ceaven
0:04:07 – CORGS 2022 Recap
1:06:21 – Steve C promo
1:06:42 – Carol Shaw promo
1:06:53 – PRGE 2022 Recap (part 1)
1:45:05 – Intellivisionaries promo
1:45:13 – Dr. George?
1:48:56 – Ray Kaestner promo
1:49:07 – PRGE 2022 Recap (part 2)
3:02:53 – Wrap Up / “Treasured” by Nurmix
3:06:35 – Outtake

Links mentioned in the show:

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