Episode 4: Christmas Carol and More

Merry Christmas! We talk about the home-brew game “Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents”, interview its designer/programmer James ‘dZ Jay’ Pujals, and do an in depth discussion of the game itself. We also interview Phil Boland about his Sears Overlay Set. And this episode is packed with holiday … Continue reading

Intros & Outros! (MUSIC)

Due to multiple requests, here are two original music tracks (by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen) that are featured in every episode of The Intellivisionaries – minus the overdubs and the annoying chit chat! “The Intellivisionaries Theme” (the intro music used in the episodes), and “Treasured” (the music heard at the end … Continue reading

Episode 3: Microsurgeon, Interviews and More

In this episode we do a “deep dive” on Microsurgeon by Imagic, including an interview with its programmer and designer Rick Levine! We also have some Intellivision related news, some feedback from listeners (including some really fun Astrosmash memories), and an interview with William Moeller of Elektronite (with some sneak … Continue reading