Episode 18: Basketball(s)

In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. basketball games NBA Basketball and Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball respectively. We interview designers / programmers Steve Ettinger, Dave Warhol, and Ken Smith. We also have listener audio contributions from Robert ‘Intellivision Dude’ Worden and Official Show Sports Correspondent Greg Miller. We talk to ‘SoCal’ Mike Kennedy about the Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter, as well as his other projects. Brett Weiss comes on the show to discuss his video game books. And we hear from Todd Holcomb about his Ultimate Intellivision Flashback. There’s also Feedback, News, Mentions, Aleks On Intellivision, the Odyssey 2, ‘William’ (Robotic Announcer Guy), and George. So grab your basketball(s)… and have a listen!

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0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV insert [either basketball game] and go!
0:00:29 – The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
0:01:51 – Welcome & Thanks
0:11:13 – The Odyssey 2 on ‘robots’
0:12:16 – Welcome & Thanks (cont.)
0:18:12 – RVG promo
0:18:32 – Welcome & Thanks (cont.)
0:20:00 – Feedback
0:30:56 – A contest!?
0:31:18 – Feedback (cont.)
0:34:05 – Channel F Podcast promo
0:34:24 – Intellivision TV commercial (Mike Gibson & Ian Chappel)
0:35:16 – News
0:48:19 – The Odyssey 2 and ‘William’ on professionalism in podcasting
0:49:15 – News (cont.)
0:51:53 – Naberhood promo
0:52:57 – N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T.
1:03:48 – 255 Computer Command TV commercial
1:04:49 – A Diner boat?
1:05:19 – Japanese (Bandai) Intellivision TV commercial
1:05:32 – George reads Rick
1:06:14 – Interview: ‘SoCal’ Mike Kennedy / Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter
2:09:00 – Spaulding Intellivision II TV commercial
2:09:40 – Interview: Brett Weiss
3:00:05 – Mattel Electronics Basketball TV commercial
3:00:33 – Game Review (part 1)
3:14:47 – [Flashback] Interview: Ken Smith (NBA Basketball)
3:20:42 – Game Review (part 2)
3:36:36 – Interview: Steve Ettinger & Dave Warhol (Slam Dunk)
4:24:48 – Inty Chip-Tune Break: “Bedtime Tune” by Der Luchs + George reads
4:26:28 – Intellivisionaries promo
4:26:38 – Aleks On Intellivision [music: “Back Again” by Ceaven]
4:35:27 – Game Review (part 3)
4:42:55 – ‘William’ and the Odyssey 2 on the special version of Slam Dunk
4:44:44 – Game Review (part 4)
4:52:45 – Listener audio submissions: Robert Worden & Greg Miller
5:06:07 – Intellivision Flashback commercial
5:07:50 – Astrosmash Gen2 game play
5:08:41 – music break: We Must Fly Like Seagulls” by Brent Santin & The Ovoids
5:12:20 – RGR promo + George on ‘size’
5:13:00 – ColecoVisions Podcast promo
5:13:18 – Interview: Todd Holcomb (Ultimate Intellivision Flashback)
5:51:06 – Wrap Up / “Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
5:55:55 – Outtakes (music: “Frequent 000” – Atari Falcon Virtual Synth) + ‘William’

Links mentioned in the show:

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Intellivision Lives entry for Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball

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Intvfunhouse entry for Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball

Video Game Critic entry for NBA Basketball
Video Game Critic entry for Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball

Link from Steve Ettinger showing all the Slam Dunk player stats.

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Rick Levine’s article about Truckin’

IntellivisionDude’s thread about getting a Spiker in an ebay auction
http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236177-attn-attn-attn-breaking-news/ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Games-/271802879809?nma=true&si=VLEtLV%252FsbpbfT2Q01MEqe%252BR%252FBug%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

AA thread with a couple homebrew works-in-progress

Boulder Dash

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Boston Con

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Brett Weiss blog

The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987

Brent Santin & The Ovoids music

255 Computer Command

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Chicken Shift (for Android and iOS)

Intellivision Invasion Facebook Page (Robert Worden)

EDIT: Some observations about Slam Dunk from Jason Sinclair