Episode 1: The Master Component and other Hardware

We introduce ourselves, talk about our direction for the show, and discuss in depth the Mattel Electronics Intellivision “Master Component” game console and related hardware. We also talk about its history, its features, its competitors, and its current day support from Intellivision Productions, home brew / independent developers, and its fans.

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00:00 – Turn on that old tube TV, set it to channel 3, slap in a cartridge, power up, reset and go!
00:05 – Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey (from the original Intellivision in-store demo cartridge)
00:48 – The Intellivisionaries Theme (by Paul Nurminen aka Nurmix)
02:14 – Welcome to the podcast + host introductions
11:50 – Confusium – “Compare This!” (from Intellivision in HiFi CD from Intellivision Productions)
16:51 – The Intellivision console discussion (part one)
36:01 – Introducing Intellivision [commercial]
37:01 – SoCal Mike promo
37:11 – Game Gavel promo
37:31 – The Intellivision console discussion (part two)
38:56 – Intellivision owners won’t believe their luck! [commercial]
39:25 – The Intellivision console discussion (part three)
54:21 – The Angry Video Game Nerd and Space Battle
68:46 – You Deserve a Break Today (Intellivision music for failed McDonalds tie-in)
69:16 – RetroGaming Roundup promo
69:32 – Paul Nurminen’s Intellivision story
78:59 – Shark! Shark! (Intellivision game music)
79:24 – Scott Schreiber promo
79:35 – Thank you, contact information, end theme (“Treasured” by Paul Nurminen aka Nurmix)

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Detailed info about the STIC graphics chip:

An article defending the Intellivision controller:

The Angry Video Game Nerd Intellivision episode:

Links to purchase Intellivision Lives! and Intellivision Rocks Emulators (with game ROMs):

Intellivision in HiFi audio CD from Intellivision Productions:

Joe Zbiciak’s site which has jzintv emulator and SDK:

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