Episode 27: Rick Rolled Retro

In this episode we have a special guest host – Cmart (Christian Martin)! We don’t do a game review, but we do review the latest edition of Todd Holcomb’s Ultimate Intellivision Flashback, as well as the Coleco reproduction box set by Marc Oberhäuser. We have our usual Feedback, News and George. And for some reason, Rick is tooling about town on a Penny-Farthing bicycle?

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0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV… then turn it off and listen to the show!
0:00:05 – George: episode rundown
0:01:06 – The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
0:02:28 – Welcome
0:21:44 – Learn to speak like a real Canadian!
0:22:10 – Welcome (continued)
0:32:31 – a close encounter?
0:33:03 – Feedback
0:36:57 – 1982 holiday Intellivision TV commercial (ECS)
0:37:37 – Feedback (continued)
0:52:11 – We’re so wrong about He-Man!
0:53:07 – Australian Intellivision TV commercial (Mission X)
0:53:36 – Feedback (continued)
0:56:24 – News!
1:20:41 – Ultimate Intellivision Flashback promo
1:21:58 – 80 of the 80s Podcast promo
1:22:54 – Collecting With Cmart: Mattel consumer/game catalogs
1:28:38 – Introducing Intellivision TV commercial
1:29:32 – Collecting With Cmart (continued)
1:58:00 – Retro Gaming Roundup promo
1:58:11 – Naberhood Games promo
1:59:14 – George: Rick on a Penny?
2:00:20 – Non-Game or Hardware Review: (Paul) Ultimate Intellivision Flashback
2:07:00 – Intellivisionaries promo
2:07:04 – Inty Chip-Tune break: “Maple Leaf Rag” (Dave Warhol)
2:09:06 – Non-Game or Hardware Review: (Rick) Coleco reproduction boxes
2:14:40 – Wrap Up / “Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
2:17:36 – Outtakes – featured music: Paul Nurminen (NURVIS) “Plastic”

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AA thread for D2K special edition

A Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer Emulator on Intellivision: Nybl

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