Episode 24: Twice The Bits of Atari!

In this episode, we don’t do our traditional ‘Deep Dive’ game review, but Rick does a Homebrew Highlight review of Piggy Bank. We have an interview with Jeremy Jarnigan (aka Indieseoul), the creator of Stalking The Retro, The Greatest American Hero Podcast (with Rick), and now Vectrex Radio (with William Culver). Show correspondent Don Switzer (aka Tarzilla) covers the recent Arcade Expo 2.0 Blue Sky Rangers panel discussion. And there’s Feedback, News and George (who seems to be a bit upset with the Atari 5200 Super Podcast for some reason).

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0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV… then turn it off and listen to us!
0:00:05 – George: episode rundown
0:01:24 – The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
0:02:45 – Welcome
0:27:08 – Intellivisionaries promo
0:27:11 – George: Ouija Board
0:29:42 – Interview: Jeremy Jarnigan (aka Indieseoul)
0:56:13 – 80 of the 80s promo
0:57:08 – Feedback
1:19:37 – George: The Atari 5200 (part 1)
1:20:58 – News
1:48:46 – George: Top 10?
1:52:43 – Blue Sky Rangers panel (from Arcade Expo 2.0 – January 2016)
2:47:03 – RGR promo
2:47:21 – Blue Sky Rangers panel (continued)
3:06:08 – George: The Atari 5200 (part 2)
3:06:38 – Homebrew Highlight: Piggy Bank
3:14:52 – Wrap Up / “Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
3:17:42 – Outtakes 1
3:19:40 – Outtakes 2: George’s alternate show rundown

Links mentioned in the show:

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Coleco Chameleon

Missile Domination

Copter Command competition in February, 2016

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