Episode 22: Of Robots & Garbage

In this episode, another non-game review… well, not exactly. Rick covers IntelligentVision’s Ms. Pac-Man in a Homebrew Highlight segment. We interview listener/homebrew programmer Gary Magnan (aka ‘FreeWheel’). Will talks about The Retro World Expo, and Rick discusses his plans for the Extra Life charity event. And there’s Feedback, News and George, with a dash of Halloween spookiness. Oh, and something is up with these podcast robots…

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0:00:00 – Turn on the tube TV… then… Garbage Day?
0:00:48 – The Intellivisionaries Theme (Halloween Remix) by ‘Nurmix’
0:02:51 – George gives the rundown of this episode
0:03:50 – Welcome
0:15:05 – Imagic TV commercial – Toughest Game
0:15:37 – Feedback
0:30:19 – Ghost Town?
0:31:02 – Listener Interview: Gary Magnan (aka ‘FreeWheel’)
1:09:32 – The No Swear Gamer loves George!
1:14:41 – News
1:27:54 – Intellivisionaries Promo
1:28:06 – Extra Life Charity: Rick
1:30:56 – Retro World Expo: Will
1:39:43 – Odyssey 2 in the feed? WTF?!
1:45:58 – Homebrew Highlight: Ms. Pac-Man (IntelligentVision)
1:55:51 – Greg & Donny Have An Accent
1:58:47 – Dear Mr. Intellivision
1:59:37 – Robots Unite!
2:00:07 – Close Encounter!
2:00:40 – Wendell Brown promo
2:01:00 – Garbage Day (continued)
2:00:27 – Wrap Up / “Treasured” by Paul ‘Nurmix’ Nurminen
2:05:04 – Outtakes (Inty chiptune: “Decade Demo Gigadist” by Nic Alderton)*
2:09:17 – The Robots Are Running The Asylum

* Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier
* The song “Garbage Day” is by Karen Potje

Links mentioned in the show:

Piggy Bank Intellivision game

Dual Action controllers

Atari Age thread about new controller mylar membranes

Link to Rick’s Extra Life campaign page

Link to Rick’s website where he’ll post a link to view his gaming on 11/7

Garbage Day song

Greg and Donny have an accent