Special Edition 2

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Intellivisionaries! We talk about our Christmas memories, and hear from listeners, as well as show regulars like Keith Robinson, “George”, Alex (on Intellivision), Luke, The Odyssey 2, and … Continue reading

Episode 14: Dracula

Halloween tricks and treats abound in this spin-chilling episode. Imagic’s Dracula gets a deep dive review. Listener interview with Jeff Long. Homebrew Highlight (Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril), Intelli-Virgins (BurgerTime). Feedback, News, Mentions … Continue reading

Episode 12: Thin Ice

Thin Ice “deep dive” game review. Interview with Keith Robinson and Julie Hoshizaki (designers/programmers), as well as George ‘The Fat Man’ Sanger (composer). Listener interview with “Alex” from Brazil. MAME Cab segment with Rick. News, … Continue reading

Episode 11: Q*Bert

A “deep dive” game review of Q*Bert, the arcade conversion. We also have another “Questions For Keith” session, with Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, discussing the upcoming Intellivision Flashback console from AT Games. Rick interviews … Continue reading

Special Edition 1

In this special edition of The Intellivisionaries Podcast, we interview the four guys behind “Project-L”. If you don’t know what Project-L is, download the podcast and find out – with guests William Moeller, Joe Zbiciak, … Continue reading