Episode 7: Baseball(s)

We review all three baseball games: Major League Baseball, World Championship Baseball, and World Series Major League Baseball. We also interview Intellivision baseball programmers David Rolfe and Eddie Dombrower, as well as listener Steve Herold. And we have our usual news, feedback, mentions and music. Download .mp3 of this episode … Continue reading

Episode 6: The Dreadnaught Factor

We do our traditional “deep dive” game review; this time it’s The Dreadnaught Factor from Activision. We interview the programmer / designer of the game, Tom Loughry. We also interview Kieren Hawken (aka “The Laird”) from Retro Video Gamer in the UK. And this month we have a special guest … Continue reading

Episode 5: Bomb Squad

We take a “deep dive” into the Intellivoice game “Bomb Squad”, talk Intellivision with video game legend Tommy Tallarico, interview Blue Sky Ranger Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions, and Mattel Electronics alum Joey Silvian. Plus we have our usual news and listener feedback segments, and a lot more ‘explosive’ Intellivision … Continue reading